Founded in Germany, TeamViewer focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable online support and collaboration in real-time across the globe.


MitchelLake were engaged by the CEO of TeamViewer, Andreas Koenig and the Global SVP Sales, Martin Geier to search for the VP of Sales & Managing Director of APAC.

With one billion downloads globally and 300 million paying customers, TeamViewer are the biggest tech company that no-one has heard of! Covering APAC from Adelaide, TeamViewer have built a team of 35 employees.

In 2014 TeamViewer was acquired by Permira for 870m Euros and continue to grow their position as the No. 1 global player in the SMB segment through increased free-to-pay conversion and upselling initiatives. They are investing significantly in product and will use this as a platform to push into enterprise. TeamViewer are also expanding further into fast growing emerging geographies.

Since being acquired, TeamViewer have been assembling a world-class global executive team (with hires from Skype, NetApp and AWS as examples) to realise their potential in both the SME and Enterprise space.

After an extensive search, Teamviewer appointed Barbara Swanson as the Global SVP Sales and Managing Director, APAC.